Author: Nimra Ahmed

Selective focus of letters ux on cubes with website app development sketches on wooden table
Nimra Ahmed

Components of an App: Key Terms You Must Understand

Today, mobile and web applications are deeply ingrained in our daily lives—from talking to our friends and family to shopping and ordering food, we interact with various apps throughout the day. And with no-code, it’s now easier than ever to

Close-up of man designer hand holding a pencil sketching a web development of a smartphone. laptop p
Nimra Ahmed

Build an App Without Coding in Just 9 Steps!

Gone are the days when you needed extensive programming knowledge to be able to build an app. It’s now entirely possible to create a fully functional application without writing a single line of code, thanks to no-code! And the benefits

Nimra Ahmed

5 Interesting Apps Built with No-Code Tools

Introduction No-code has revolutionized the way apps are built. You no longer need to hire a development team to build and test your app. You can now build and launch your own app within days. This is especially useful in

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