5 Interesting Apps Built with No-Code Tools



No-code has revolutionized the way apps are built. You no longer need to hire a development team to build and test your app. You can now build and launch your own app within days.

This is especially useful in today’s fast-paced environment, where speed to market is crucial to get a competitive advantage. Being the first to offer a new or improved service or product can help you establish yourself as a leader, and that’s where no-code comes in. 

With no-code tools, you no longer need to write code to build even the most complex applications. You can build the database, the front-end, and the back-end, all without writing a single line of code. You can even automate workflows and improve business processes simply with no-code tools. 

The no-code movement really started to gain traction during the pandemic—82% of users first used it during the lockdown. Reports suggest that the low/no-code market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 23% by 2027. As a result of this rise in no-code, entrepreneurs, and startups can launch a new app or an MVP at just a fraction of the code. We’ve seen lots of interesting applications come out. In this article, we’ll explore five apps built with no code tools.  

Meet the 5 Apps Built with No-Code Tools

There’s no limit to what you can make with no-code. Here are some interesting applications that had everyone talking!

Swapstack: One of the Best App Built with No Code Tools


Swapstack dashboard (Source)

Recently acquired by the newsletter platform Beehiiv (that reported having an ARR of $3M this year), Swapstack is a newsletter and advertising marketplace that caters to both brands and writers. It helps brands find the perfect audience for their newsletter. This also provides freelancers writing newsletters for brands with a Slack community of more than 1000 subscribers. 

Both the Swapstack MVP and the actual product rely on no-code. The MVP was made with Zapier and Airtable, and Slack automations were used to connect newsletter writers and brands. The actual product is built using Bubble and while it initially had a Webflow page (also a no-code tool), it now has a coded landing page. Swapstack has been largely successful, which is evident by the following stats:

  • Over $500k in gross market value as a marketplace
  • Revenue growth up from $7k to $20k/month (as of July 2023)
  • $2M earned by newsletter writers 
  • 1000+ creators monetized 



BetterLegal Dashboard (Source)

This App was created by Chad Sakonchick and aims to help founders save money and time when registering new businesses. The app has gone through numerous changes in the last few years, going from no-code to code and then finally back to no-code.  

Originally, It was made with Typeform, Asana, and Salesforce along with some custom code, but it had a problem. Their team wanted to provide customers with a self-service dashboard where they could manage their account information. They can also add the functionality and make the desired changes to the documents.  

Chad then decided to switch to code and got an app made using Nest.js, Postgres, and Django, and hosted it on AWS. However, hiring freelancers to manage the development and operations brought in more problems. Since they were unable to solve the design problem on the frontend and only kept on refactoring the website. 

Things changed in 2022 when Chad got the chance to try Bubble for the first time and came to the realization that they could use the tool to make the whole platform. And so began the journey of building BetterLegal on Bubble in 2022 and in just one year, they were able to run everything using Bubble.

They were even able to make an internal task management tool as a replacement for Asana, which saved the company a significant amount of money.  

In addition to Bubble, their suite of tools includes: 

  • Productivity Sweet: A no-code builder that allows you to create your own app using standard building blocks
  • Zapier: For running automation that saves the team a significant amount of time. You can learn more about automation with our Zapier course
  • Make (formerly Integromat): To run higher volume workflows at a relatively reasonable cost
  • Twilio: For communication

In addition to a more optimized user flow that doubled subscriptions, what further made BetterLegal successful is a state compliance add-on that Chad was able to provide using Bubble’s customization tools. All these changes also boosted revenue and:

  • The MRR increased from $1000 (in summer 2022) to $2500 (in fall 2022)
  • The app is on track to have an ARR of $1 million this year 

Tracking Happiness

Featured in Adalo’s app showcase. Tracking Happiness is an app designed for those who want to track their happiness and learn more about what gives them joy. It allows users to maintain a journal of things that a person experiences throughout the day, along with expectations from the day and a reflection of how things went. Every time users track moments, they assign a rating (0 to 10), and add factors influencing the rating, images, notes, and feelings.

Tracking Happiness

Tracking Happiness App Screens (Source)

Since the purpose of the app is to provide everyone with a companion that helps them learn more about what brings them happiness, users are also provided with personalized content and studies related to how they can improve the experiences they have in their lives.

It only took 2 months to release the first iteration of the app and has since then been downloaded over 1000 times on the Google Play Store. Creator Sebastian Pereyro finds Adalo a must-have tool for idea validation. If you also have an idea for an app, you can start building it today with our Adalo Masterclass and release it to the public for validation before building the real product.

Lifetime Performance

Another app from the Adalo app showcase is the Lifetime Performance Staff app, which allows trainers to send personalized workouts to clients. Designed by Ken MacDonald, athletes can see the workout program and instructional videos, check out individual exercises, and even chat with the Lifetime Performance staff in the app. It’s like having a training assistant on your phone who has received a 5-star rating on the App Store. 

Lifetime Performance

Lifetime Performance App Screens (Source)

The FrontBest

The FrontBest is an HR performance booster app designed for hoteliers. Owner and manager of the Hotel Giolli Nazionale, Andrea Lasalandra, was fed up with being unable to track his staff’s progress and facing a high staff turnover rate when he decided to consolidate his innovative ideas to solve these problems. 

The FrontBest

Different features implemented in the Glide app (Source)

This led to the development of The FrontBest, a SaaS made using Glide, Google Sheets, and some custom code that automates the hotel’s internal operations and includes features like knowledge testing, a hotel handbook, an incentive program, housekeeping, analytics, and orders. Hotel managers use it to assign tasks to staff, define the SOPs, and create incentive programs and quizzes, while the staff uses it to take quizzes and give updates on the tasks assigned to them. 

As a result of this no-code app:

  • Staff turnover was reduced by 60%
  • Hotel staff’s performance improved by 50%
  • Helped the hotel save more than 700 hours since April 2022
  • An overall 30% increase in customer satisfaction and 15% increase in brand reputation

Launch Your Own App Built with No Code Tools

With the developments constantly taking place in the no-code space. It’s clear that no-code tools provide lots of benefits and opportunities for both companies and entrepreneurs. If you’re also looking to learn how to build your own apps without code. Check out our course library to get started.

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